Vitadiol - CBD Capsules - Recover NMN + CBD - 1050mg

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Recover by Vitaldiol boosts cellular health and encourages a healthy maintenance of integral processes within your cells. With just two simple ingredients, CBD Isolate and NMN, powerful effects can be achieved. 

CBD Isolate can help support a variety of bodily functions as it replenishes your endocannabinoid system without inducing intoxication. 

NMN has shown promising results in promoting cellular health as it is a precursor to NAD+ and assists with the natural production of NAD+ that our bodies already undergo. NAD+ is found within all living cells and plays a vital role in cellular functions.

Revitalize your cells with this simple daily addition to your wellness routine.

  • 1050mg CBD PER BOTTLE
  • 35mg CBD + 50mg NMN PER CAPSULE

Lab Reports

Single Bottle Lab Report