PlusCBD Oil - Pet Tincture - Chicken Soothing Hemp Extract - 500mg

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When your pet’s world is upside down, Pet CBD oil liquids can help them get right side up.

  • 5 mg of CBD per serving
  • Easy to dispense pump top
  • CBD for Dogs and Cats

Available in:

  • 1.86oz - 500mg(approximately 5mg per serving)

Daily use of PlusCBD Pet supports a happy and healthy lifestyle for your pet. Designed for both cats and dogs, PlusCBD Pet can be given to your fuzzier family members daily to maintain emotional balance, keeping them calm and relaxed on even the most stressful days. Our soothing hemp extract also supports muscle and joint recovery after overuse (like extra long trips to the dog park) and can help relieve occasional joint stiffness. Stress and discomfort can lead to irregular behavior, restlessness, unhealthy eating habits, and even destructive activity. Address these effects with PlusCBD Pet and help your pet live their best life. 


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