OG Labs - CBD Edible - Fiber Vitamin Gummies - 60pc-5mg

OG Labs - CBD Edible - Fiber Vitamin Gummies - 60pc-5mg

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OG Labs Fiber Plus CBD Vitamin Gummies are a revolutionary way to give your digestive system the support, health, and vitality it deserves. With the insane schedules most of us keep, it can be hard to make sure we’re getting enough of the good stuff our bodies need to function at their highest level. With OG Labs delicious combo of peach, strawberry, and blackberry flavored, vegetarian CBD gummies, you can be sure you’re getting the mellow you crave from high-quality CBD plus the essential for a healthy life benefits of a well-maintained digestive tract and bowel function.

Why do people take fiber?

Fiber is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight, normal digestion activity, and even heart health. Gone are the days of stirring spoonfuls of sugary sweet fiber powder into a beverage. Now you can enjoy a fiber supplement that also provides you with a high-quality CBD experience.

Why Biotin plus OG Labs CBD?

OG Labs CBD is CO2 extracted to ensure the purest form is derived from the entire plant. These plants are non-GMO, and pesticide and herbicide free! All of OG Labs products are quality and consistency controlled and made in the United States.

These delicious, naturally flavored fruit gummies are vegan, gluten free, and gelatin free, so all you’re getting is a healthy dose of fiber and CBD in each bite. Treat your body and mind to the self-care it deserves with OG Labs Fiber CBD Vitamin Gummies!

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