NanoMax - CBD Vape Pen -  Nano CBD+CBN Rest - 950mg

NanoMax - CBD Vape Pen - Nano CBD+CBN Rest - 950mg

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REST – Physical Tension, Sleep, Migraines & Neurological Support 950mg CBD + CBN

This Indica dominant hybrid strain terpene profile is known for its distinct white grape flavor. Users report this broad-spectrum formula provides carefree relaxation and ease of physical tension; it is a great strain to use when you’re feeling mentally burdened or pained. Rest has a target focus on neurological support, nausea, migraines, trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep.

Rest formula boasts only 3 ingredients: nano-particalized organic CBD distillate, nano particalized organic CBN distillate, and organic solvent-free botanical hemp terpenes.

Lab Reports

1ml - 950mg Lab Report