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Each Stem is crafted with a blend of sun-grown full-spectrum flower and choice terpenes, optimized for your wellness. Our rigorous lab testing ensures that we deliver a safe, pure and potent product. We put the power of cannabinoids right at your fingertips.

Nothing but the best. We set a standard of care that leaves no stem unturned. We partner with farmers who match our commitment to quality and share our vision for a world where high-quality, full-spectrum flower is commonplace. And the result is a clean and pure product.

Stem is intended to be used with the Elon device which activates terpenes and other cannabinoids within the flower in Stems. It allows you to enjoy the power of cannabinoid wellness without combustion and the associated pyrolytic toxins.

Sit back and unwind with our Relax terpene profile that consists of sedative and calming properties.

Lab Reports

20 Count Box Lab Report