E1011 Labs - CBD Cartridge Starter Kit - ELON
E1011 Labs - CBD Cartridge Starter Kit - ELON

E1011 Labs - CBD Cartridge Starter Kit - ELON

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Get kitted with all you need to feel sublime day and night. Our Elon in your favorite finish is paired with both our Stem Uplift and Stem Relax.

We select premium strains of cannabinoid rich flower and blend them with scientifically validated terpenes to deliver optimal wellness. Our Stems are pure, potent, and all natural.

Our detachable heating chamber is designed with an emergency fail-safe to immediately shut down the device. From our hardware design to the hemp plants we blend, your safety is our first priority.

Easy to use: Button-less design
Non-combustion: no burning, smoke, ash, and pyrolytic toxins
Controlled dosage: innovative blow hole to start and stop session
Fast-Acting: 5-second heat up time
Convenient: self-cleaning function
Fast Charging: Rapid type-C charging port
: 10-15 sessions per charge

Size: 107x25x16.6 mm
Net Weight: 58g
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Charging Time: 45-60 min
Operating Temperature: -10*C to 40*C
Nominal Use at Full Capacity: 15 Stems
Warm-up Time: 6 seconds
Session Duration: 3 min 30 seconds
Input Voltage: DC5V+/-0.25V
Output Voltage: DC3.3V-4.2V
Input Current: 1A
Charging Type: Type-C USB Port


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