Dosist - CBD Tincture - Calm Sublingual Drops - 825mg

Dosist - CBD Tincture - Calm Sublingual Drops - 825mg

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Calm thc-free is 10:1 cbd to cbn ratio formula designed to help relax your mind and body. Our calm thc-free formula uses pure cannabinoid isolates formulated into a high concentration blend, made with less oil per dose and a simple ingredient list.

Calm thc-free is a sublingual formula, engineered using a proprietary 'micro-emulsifying delivery system' technology which creates immediate bioavailability and faster onset through absorption. 

Available in:

  • Single 15ml Bottles (0.5fl oz) - 60 Doses per Bottle

Cannabinoid Content:

  • Total of 825mg cannabinoid content
  • 750mg Total CBD
  • 75mg Total CBN

Lab Reports

15ml - 900mg Lab Report