CBD Bundle for Athletes

CBD Bundle for Athletes

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CBD Gym Bundle (For Athletes)

After you’ve been going hard at the gym, your body needs to recover before you can continue pursuing those gains, and there’s no better way to recover than with our CBD Gym Bundle. This bundle is for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re in the gym to look your best, or training hard for the competition, this bundle will assist in recovery so you can get back to performing at your peak!

What’s Included?

      • 1 x CBDMEDIC - CBD Topical - Active Sport Pain Relief Stick (Single Stick) $29.99
      • 1 x cbdMD - CBD Bath - Rejuvenate Bath Bomb (Single Bath Bomb 100mg) $9.99
      • 1 x Green Eagle - CBD Capsules - Energy & Focus Liquid Capsules (60 Count - 750mg) $29.99
      • 1 x CBDistillery - CBD Tincture - Broad Spectrum Relief+Relax (500mg) $31.99
      • 1 x Social - CBD Topical - Muscle Rub Travel Sized (Travel - 50mg) $9.99
      • 1 x CBDfx - CBD Topical - Muscle & Joint Balm Stick (Single - 750mg) $39.99

Our CBD Gym Bundle is perfectly tailored for those who push their body to the limit. This bundle offers a multitude of ways to include CBD in your pre or post-workout regimen. From the CBDMEDIC Active Sport Pain Relief Stick to the CBDfx Muscle & Joint Balm Stick, this bundle has everything you need to recover fast and get back to training hard.

All of the products in this bundle have crafted with care to ensure that you’re enjoying products of the utmost quality. These products are packed with top-tier hemp and a bounty of botanical ingredients to soothe aching muscles and encourage recovery. Treat yourself to a soak in a calming CBD-infused bath with the cbdMD Rejuvenate Bath Bomb. Or, if you’re trying to pump yourself up for a good workout, reach for the Green Eagle Energy & Focus Liquid Capsules and you’ll be good to go!

If you’re an athlete interested in saving money on premium CBD,

The CBD Gym Bundle is a fantastic option! 

Lab Reports

CBDMEDIC Topical Relief Stick Lab Report
cbdMD Bath Bomb Lab Report
Green Eagle Capsules Lab Report
CBDistillery Tincture Lab Report
Social Travel Muscle Rub Lab Report
CBDfx Muscle and Joint Stick Lab Report