Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pet Tincture - Tru Blu Tuna Cat Tincture - 250mg
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pet Tincture - Tru Blu Tuna Cat Tincture - 250mg

Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pet Tincture - Tru Blu Tuna Cat Tincture - 250mg

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We love our cats, and as pet parents we try to give them the best quality of life. With this specially formulated CBD tincture, you can give your cat with the same amount of loving care that you would give to yourself! Did you know that our feline friends also have endocannabinoid systems? That means your cat will benefit from CBD in the same what that you do. Move over catnip, the savory Bluefin Tuna taste will keep your kitty coming back for more!

Blue Moon Hemp’s technologically advanced tincture is now available for your cat, so you can be sure they’re getting great quality. Nano-technology and high-speed emulsion methods create a micro-encapsulation of the molecules, which results in greater bioavailability. This allows your feline friend to absorb the product with greater efficacy, leading to a more pronounced effect. We are certain you will find this to be the best tincture your pets have ever used.

This CBD tincture contains no THC so there are no psycho-active effects, but exercise caution when administering servings to your cat. 250mg is the sweet spot of potency for cats, but you should measure servings depending on how petite or...big boned your pet is. Always start with the lowest amount to acclimate your kitty, and work your way to higher servings until you find the amount that works best for your four-legged friend.

Any side effects? CBD is a plant-based compound that’s not known to cause any serious side effects. For humans, the most commonly reported side effects are mild drowsiness and occasional dry mouth which your cat may potentially experience as well. Don’t worry if you notice increased thirst and sleepiness.

Ingredients: cold pressed virgin hempseed oil, cbd, natural flavors

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