AndHemp - CBD Tincture - Strawberry - 500mg-1000mg
AndHemp - CBD Tincture - Strawberry - 500mg-1000mg

AndHemp - CBD Tincture - Strawberry - 500mg-1000mg

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Strawberry Tincture by AndHemp features a warm and summery flavor of a thousand strawberries mingled with the pure flavor of hemp extract, ready to calm and soothe your worries away. Feel free to skip through a field of lush ripe strawberries and breathe deeply of that fresh and summery scent. Sweet and juicy berries gleam a deep ruby red in the heat of the summer sun. Each berry is tenderly kissed by the sun’s beating rays and infuses each berry with the warm and refreshing flavor of summer. Now you can enjoy that sweet taste at a moment’s notice, in addition to reaping the benefits of CBD in every drop.

AndHemp has taken great care to craft a tincture that bursts with fresh and summery fruit flavor as well as the healing powers of cannabidiol. With just a few drops, you can feel yourself become as relaxed and calm as a butterfly, flitting through the strawberry fields and soaking up the sweet warmth of the summer sun. Take your taste buds on a warm and sunny journey through a hemp and strawberry soaked tincture, where flavor and relaxation unite in the form of Strawberry Tincture by AndHemp!

  • Made from THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate
  • Grown, Harvested and Tested in the USA
  • Strengths Available: 500mg, 1000mg

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